Meet Our Team

Our team of physicians come from a variety of medical settings, including emergency medicine, sports medicine, and primary and specialty care.

Pediatric Medicine

Laura Bricklin, MD

Clinical Fellow

Alexis Brzuchalski, MPH

Clinical Research Coordinator

Akiva S. Cohen, PhD

Senior Fellow

M. Kit Delgado, MD, MS

Associate Fellow

William Gaetz, PhD

Senior Fellow

Leah Gaetz, MSW

Clinical Research Program Manager

Melissa Godfrey, MPH

Clinical Research Coordinator III

Ashley Gray, BS

Clinical Research Assistant I

Kaitlyn Housel MS, LAT, ATC

Clinical Research Assistant II

Patty Huang, MD

Senior Fellow

Anne Mozel, MS

Clinical Research Coordinator I

Vinay M. Nadkarni, MD

Senior Fellow

Michael L. Nance, MD

Senior Fellow

Tara Nichols

Clinical Research Assistant I

Olivia E. Podolak, MD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Karlie Pollock

Clinical Research Assistant I

Laura A. Prosser, PhD

Senior Fellow

Kate Rownd, MEd

Clinical Research Coordinator IV

Flaura K. Winston, MD, PhD

Founder & Co-Scientific Director