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Kristy Arbogast, PhD applies EMG sensors to Divia Jain, a graduate student trainee at CIRP, for a low-impact sled test.

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP) provides unique opportunities for students to become involved in research internships. These research internships provide trainees with the opportunity to become part of an interdisciplinary research team and to gain real-world experience in translating research into action to help keep children safe and recover fully from injury.

CIRP's research internships quickly provide students with the opportunity to become key members of the team, assisting Center experts in all aspects of pediatric injury research. Drawing on CIRP’s “research to action to impact” model, our research internships offer students a hands-on approach to projects, whether recruiting subjects for a study, helping develop content for a website, or presenting research findings to scientists and academic leaders at CIRP’s Annual Student Research Day.

Throughout the academic year and summer, CIRP offers positions for undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research in one of our research internships. Positions range from part-time to full-time and can be paid or volunteer opportunities.CIRP also hosts an Injury Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site, a 10-week summer pediatric research program sponsored by the National Science Foundation for a diverse group of undergraduate student scholars.

CIRP also offers a postdoctoral research training program in injury science.

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Scientific Disciplines in Pediatric Research

Students may apply for specific pediatric research internships in any one of the Center’s Scientific Disciplines:

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Contact Carol Murray, MSS, MLSP, training manager, for more information on CIRP’s research internships.

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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute also offers pediatric research and academic training internships through its Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs. Learn more