National Young Driver Survey

In 2006, the National Young Driver Survey (NYDS) was created to help the Teen Driving Safety Research team at CIRP better understand how teens perceive and experience driving. Using the Teen-Centered Method, 45 focus groups were conducted with teens across the country to determine survey questions that would be relevant to teens.

The National Young Driver Survey was distributed to 5,665 9th through 11th graders in 68 randomly selected high schools. In each high school, one 9th grade classroom, two 10th grade classrooms and one 11th grade classroom were chosen to create the sample. The NYDS asked the survey participants varied driving related and demographic questions to discover their views on driving, both personal and in relation to friends and family.

The weighted data from the survey was representative of all 10.2 million public school students in 9th through 11th grades in the U.S. This landmark study was the most comprehensive description of youth perceptions of teen driving ever created.

Funded by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, CIRP published 10 research papers in the scientific literature and three research reports using NYDS data. Insights learned from the survey helped the Teen Driving Safety team at CIRP determine future lines of research that would contribute most and have the greatest impact on teen driver safety.

Research Using the National Young Driver Survey

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