Violence Prevention Research

The Center for Violence Prevention (CVP) at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) applies a research-to-action-to-impact approach to address exposure to and impact of violence on youth and families by developing, implementing, and evaluating evidence-based programs and initiatives. CVP's programming aims to promote healing at every opportunity for our health system to intervene during a youth's lifespan. 

This violence prevention research is community-focused with its aim to design innovative, evidence-based programs that are implemented, disseminated and sustained across clinical, school and neighborhood settings. CVP's work is trauma-informed and rooted in racial equity and social justice.

CVP Program and Research Areas

  • Aggression and Bullying Prevention
  • Community Violence and Trauma Support
  • Intimate Partner Violence Prevention
  • Gun Safety
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Professional Development and Training

To learn more about research conducted at CVP and its affiliated programs, visit the Center's website.

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