Daniel J. Corwin, MD, MSCE

Dr. Corwin’s research focuses on pediatric concussion. He has a particular interest in improving the diagnosis and initial management of pediatric concussion, specifically using specialized examination techniques to identify shortly following the injury those children at highest risk for a prolonged recovery, as well as ways to maximize the diagnostic accuracy from the Emergency Department.


Dr. Corwin has a broad background in researching pediatric concussion in the acute setting, in collaboration with the Minds Matter Concussion Research Team at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He has led projects evaluating risk factors for prolonged recovery from concussion, explored the association of visio-vestibular deficits following concussion with prolonged concussion symptoms, described the performance of non-concussed children on the visio-vestibular examination, described the test psychometrics of the visio-vestibular examination performed among acute care providers, and determined the cost associated with post-concussive syndrome. He has also worked on studies that evaluated factors associated with the performance of the visio-vestibular examination in the acute setting and demonstrated the ability of providers to incorporate this testing routinely into their daily practice.

Dr. Corwin is currently engaged in research aimed at using physical examination deficits to predict which children seen in the emergency department will continue to experience concussion symptoms for greater than 28 days, to begin trialing active interventions on this at-risk group of patients.

BA, University of Pennsylvania (Biological Basis of Behavior), 2007

MD, New York University School of Medicine, 2011

Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Pediatric Emergency Medicine), 2017

Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Pediatric Emergency Medicine Senior Research Fellowship), 2018

MSCE, University of Pennsylvania (Clinical Epidemiology), 2018

Attending Physician

Associate Fellow, Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Instructor of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics, 2011-

American Society for Sports Medicine, 2012-

Academic Pediatric Association, 2014-

Society for Pediatric Research, 2016-

American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Emergency Medicine, 2016-

Travel Award Recipient, Eastern Society for Pediatric Research, 2013

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