TeenDrivingPlan Research

TeenDrivingPlan (TDP) is an interactive web-based program to help parents more effectively supervise driving practice. Its development involved five years of formative research followed by a randomized, controlled trial of young drivers and their parent supervisors.

TeenDrivingPlan has four components: (1) Learn, (2) Plan, (3) Practice, (4) Log & Rate. The learning component features 54 brief videos to guide parents in creating a positive learning environment and structuring practice activities in a variety of driving settings. The planning component features an interactive practice planner to help families select concrete goals for each practice session. The logging and rating tool helps families keep track of practice hours and skill development.

Research Results and Dissemination

Key Results From TeenDrivingPlan Research

Young drivers that used TeenDrivingPlan over a 24-week period were 65% less likely to fail a rigorous on-road driving assessment than those not given access to the intervention. Overall, 6% of teenagers that used TeenDrivingPlan had their on-road driving assessment terminated due to unsafe driving performance as compared to 15% of those not given TDP.

Families who used TeenDrivingPlan also reported more driving practice in various environments, at night, and in bad weather. TeenDrivingPlan increased parent engagement as practice supervisors, practice variety (at least one to two hours of practice in all six driving environments), and parent support of teens.

Led by Jessica J. Mirman, PhD and funded by State Farm Mutual Insurance Company, an intervention such as this, rigorously tested and based on solid behavioral objectives, holds promise in making the learner period of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) more effective.

TeenDrivingPlan Program Dissemination

Since completion of the clinical trial, CIRP Outreach staff has worked with the researchers to adapt the TeenDrivingPlan version used in the clinical trial to create a set of web-based components that can be accessed on TeenDriverSource.org, including 54 videos to help parents supervise their teens' driving and set rules when driving on their own. 

Learn how to use the TeenDrivingPlan Practice Guide in this short video:

Learn about why creating the right learning environment is crucial in this short video:

Learn why entering and exiting a highway safely is a key skill to learn in this video: