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TeenDrivingPlan Practice Guide And YouTube Channel

April 6, 2017
TeenDrivingPlan Practice Guide

One of CIRP@CHOP's most popular downloads continues to be the TeenDrivingPlan Practice Guide.

This interactive resource includes information and tools designed to help parents effectively supervise their teens’ driving practice.

A randomized, controlled trial found that teens with families that followed the TDP program were 65 percent less likely to make dangerous driving errors. These families also increased their variety of practice to boost driving performance.

Use the TDP to create the right learning environment and to take action to keep teen drivers safe and learning:

  • Supervise practice in a variety of places, conditions, and at night
  • Focus on teaching skills that matter for safety
  • Track skill development and practice hours

If the families you work with prefer video-learning about how to practice specific driving skills, the TeenDrivingPlan YouTube channel features 53 short (and popular) videos on how to practice skills in different environments.

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