Virtual Driving Assessment

In partnership with CHOP spin-out company Diagnostic Driving, Inc., CIRP researchers have built and validated the virtual driving assessment that measures a person's ability to drive safely and avoid crashes. This innovative assessment is powered by Ready-Assess™,  a self-guided software program that automatically measures more than 100 skill metrics as drivers are exposed to the most serious crash scenarios (as defined by research) in a 15-minute drive around town.

At the end of the virtual driving assessment, teens (and their families) receive high-quality, personalized feedback on their crash-avoidance skills, including tips to improve and links to videos created by CHOP experts to develop specific driving skills. 

The first application of the virtual driving assessment in Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (OBMV)'s licensing centers demonstrated its ability to predict ORE performance on the on-road examination (ORE), as well as its practical implementation in state licensing center workflows.

Research Projects

Ohio Portable Driving Simulator System Pilot (2017-2019)

CIRP collaborated with Diagnostic Driving, Inc., the Ohio Department of Public Safety, and the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to adapt and pilot a previously validated virtual driving test,  Ready-Assess™, to identify underprepared new license applicants as part of the licensing process and before the state's on-road exam. Results demonstrated the PDSS was highly scalable and could accurately detect underprepared applicants.

Principal Investigators: Flaura Winston, MD, PhD, Elizabeth Walshe, PhD

Funding: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the State of Ohio

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Assessing Preparedness for Safe Driving Phase II
Elizabeth Walshe, PhD and Flaura Winston, MD, PhD are conducting research using virtual driving skills assessment.

This project aims to disseminate the virtual driving assessment (VDA) across Ohio to screen for those who do not have sufficient skills to proceed to the on-road driving examination (ORE). It will explore the implementation and technical feasibility of operating the Predictive Driver Simulator System, which is the process for administering the VDA, in the context of driver education and training.

Additional data analyses will examine VDA data to: 1) confirm the predictive ability of the VDA in a school-based setting; 2) determine preparedness of new license applicants who are 18 years old and older based on VDA and ORE results; 3) evaluate new driver preparedness across driver's education and training.

Principal Investigators: Flaura Winston, MD, PhD, Elizabeth Walshe, PhD

Funding: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the State of Ohio

Determining Critical Skill Deficits That Predict Novice Driver Crashes

This three-year prospective study is using the virtual driving assessment at point of licensure, as well as state licensing data and crash outcomes data, to significantly advance our ability to identify skill deficits at the individual level that predict crash outcomes and to design interventions that can improve driving skills prior to independent driving.

This project is the first to use the normative dataset of novice drivers that contains protected data on 25,000 drivers at their point of licensure. 

Principal Investigators: Flaura Winston, MD, PhD, Elizabeth Walshe, PhD

Funding: National Institutes of Health (National Institute for Child Health and Development)

Watch a video about how NJM and CHOP are partnering to bring the virtual driving assessment to primary care: