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Could Depression in Teens Drive Intentional Injury?

Since depression affects interpersonal relationships with family members, friends, and significant others, it should be seen as a risk factor for self-injury and injury to others. Prevention is key.

As Suicide Among Children and Teens Rises, Acting on Warning Signs is More Important Than Ever

New findings that suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among children and teens are on the rise in the United States unfortunately comes as no surprise. This disturbing trend indicates that parents, schools and the pediatric health system need to focus more than ever on recognizing red flags and acting on them effectively. The key questions on everyone’s minds include what are youth suicide warning signs, and how to effectively act on them?

Urban-Rural Divide On Pediatric Injuries from Firearms

Read more for a discussion on a recent study comparing firearm related injuries between urban and rural populations.

Why Screen for Intimate Partner Violence? Because Families Need Us To

Read an abbreviated version of a blog from Ashlee Murray, MD, MPH on screening for intimate partner violence in the healthcare setting.

Communication and Education are Keys to Protecting Children with Intellectual Disabilities from Sexual Predators

Young people with developmental disabilities seek physical and emotional connections with others just like anyone else, but they are at higher risk of being sexually abused or assaulted by someone they know. I spoke with Dr. Laura Graham Holmes, a Postdoctoral Fellow at CHOP's Center for Autism Research, about how to help individuals with developmental disabilities advocate for themselves.

Child Mortality Webinar Recording

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention hosted a webinar which provided actionable information for health policy stakeholders, government agency staff, child health policy advocates, elected officials, and healthcare providers to implement policy changes to adress the three identified causes driving up the child mortality rates.

Flashback Friday- National Gun Violence Awareness Day June 2nd

June 2nd is National Gun Violence Awareness day. To honor this weekend, this flashback Friday features our recent blog posts on preventing gun violence.