Research In Action

Research In Action

ICYMI June 2022
July 6, 2022

Catch up with newsworthy pediatric injury prevention articles from June 2022 gathered by CHOP's Dr. Patty Huang.

Tips for Drowning Prevention

A Penn emergency medicine physician shares strategies to help families prevent drowning deaths. Recommendations include getting training in basic life support. 

Who Should Monitor Social Media Content?

In this op-ed, Penn's Dr. Dan Romer contends that social media companies should take more responsibility for monitoring potentially harmful content.  

Weed Products Are Making Teens Sick

Readily available cannabis products with high concentrations of THC are causing teenages to get sick- causing symptoms such as persistent vomiting and psychosis. 

Texting While Driving: An Effective Intervention

CIRP's Drs. Kit Delgado and Catherine McDonald recently published research showing that an interactive text message intervention reduced self-reported texting while driving among young adults.   

Cyberbulling and Suicidality

A new CHOP/Penn study found that being a target of cyberbullying is associated with increased suicidal thoughts in teenagers. This association is distinct from the association between traditional (offline) bullying and suicidality.