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Safety Not the Issue for Majority of Driver's License Suspensions

Read about new research that found 91% of NJ driver's license suspensions were for non-driving-related events, such as failure to pay a fine or fee, with disparities by race, ethnicity and income.

Teens Share Key Information about Access to Firearms

Read about a CHOP study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine that explores teen gun access and co-existing behavioral health risk factors to develop action steps on curbing youth injuries and fatalities from firearms.

Register for a Virtual Conversation on Returning to Youth Sports Safely Amid COVID-19

PolicyLab at CHOP is hosting a free virtual conversation entitled "Returning to Youth Sports Safely Amid COVID-19" on July 22, 2020, at 2:00-3:30 PM EST.

New Resource Alert: Reference Guides to Return to Youth Sports after COVID-19 Shutdown

View reference guides developed by experts from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for families and coaches returning to youth sports after the COVID-19 shutdown.

Spiking Rates of Gun Purchases During COVID-19 Pandemic Put Youth at Risk

As two public health crises converge in the US – COVID-19 and gun violence – it’s vital to explore and understand the unique risks for children and consider policy options to keep youth safe and healthy in their homes and communities.

Opportunities to Reduce Youth Distracted Driving

Learn why no one strategy will prevent cell phone use while driving in adolescents. It will take a multipronged approach, one that addresses the unique factors that contribute to distracted driving in teen drivers