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Teen Driver Safety

#InMyFeelings -- The Latest Dangerous Fad

As summer draws to a close, we reflect on the dangerous fad of the season: the #InMyFeelings challenge.

Novel Measures of Cell Phone Use While Driving

Learn about a new CIRP study, published in Health Education and Behavior, that examined novel measures of cell phone use while driving to better understand how and at what speeds adolescents use their cell phone while driving.

Podcast on Distracted Driving Research

In a new Journal of School Nursing podcast, Catherine C. McDonald, PhD, RN talks about her research to develop a theoretically grounded, web-based intervention to address teen driver inattention.

Beyond Legislation to Curb Texting While Driving

It remains unclear if distracted driving legislation has had much success in reducing the problem. New research indicates that teens who report texting and taking calls while driving also engage in other intentionally risky driving behaviors, such as ignoring speed limits.

When Neuroscience and Driving Converge

 Learn about how CIRP is establishing a new Neuroscience of Driving Research Program that will bridge basic neuroscience with applied driving research at the clinical and broader population level.

Child Mortality Webinar Recording

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention hosted a webinar which provided actionable information for health policy stakeholders, government agency staff, child health policy advocates, elected officials, and healthcare providers to implement policy changes to adress the three identified causes driving up the child mortality rates.