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Using Digital Innovation to Bring CHOP’s Friend to Friend Program Online

How do you adapt an in-person elementary school bullying prevention program for a virtual setting? This was the challenge faced by CHOP's Friend to Friend team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Suicide and Self-Harm Risk Among Autistic Youth

Read more for a brief summary of what we know about the risk of suicidal behaviors among autistic children and teens.

Using the Stress-Less Initiative to Cope During Challenging Times

Learn how the Stress-Less Initiative, a group model used to prevent, address, and reduce secondary traumatic stress, can also be used as a coping mechanism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teens Share Key Information about Access to Firearms

Read about a CHOP study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine that explores teen gun access and co-existing behavioral health risk factors to develop action steps on curbing youth injuries and fatalities from firearms.

Age of Autism Diagnosis and Mental Health Outcomes

Read more for a discussion of a new study that explores the association between age of autism diagnosis and depression/self-harm behaviors in adolescence.

Preparing for Mental Health Emergencies: Struggles and Suggestions

Read more for suggestions on how emergency departments can be better prepared to handle mental health emergencies.