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Violence Prevention

After Violent Injury, Recovery Goes Beyond Avoiding Future Violence

Hospital-based violence prevention programs provide support to violently injured individuals following discharge from the hospital. New research identifies and prioritizes outcomes for these individuals, revealing a focus on positive outcomes related to psychosocial health.

Is a Child Being Bullied? Here’s What Parents Can Do to Help

A child’s confession that he or she is being bullied at school can leave parents feeling sad, angry, helpless, or all three at once. Here are proactive steps clinicians can recommend to parents to deal with a bullying situation.

Trends in Infant and Youth Mortality By Age and Race/Ethnicity

A recent article in JAMA Pediatrics examined trends in infant and youth mortality by age group and race/ethnicity and also identified leading causes of death between 1999 and 2015. Read about what these trends mean and how this research can be used to inform public health policies and interventions.

Back to School Safety – Flashback Friday

With school back in full swing for most families, we wanted to use today's Flashback Friday post to look back at some of our previous back to school safety posts.

Could Depression in Teens Drive Intentional Injury?

Since depression affects interpersonal relationships with family members, friends, and significant others, it should be seen as a risk factor for self-injury and injury to others. Prevention is key.