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It’s All About Balance: Navigating the Pros and Cons of Smartphones for Teens and Children

Smartphones serve as a social lifeline for many, but have also become a cause for concern as increasing evidence shows that excessive time spent on the devices can be a factor in depression and suicidal thoughts in teens and children. I recently talked with two of my expert colleagues at CHOP about the competing dangers and benefits of smartphones for teens and children, and how parents can help kids manage their screen time appropriately.

It’s About Exposure: High U.S. Childhood Mortality Rates Due to Car Crashes and Firearm Assaults

New study tells us that teen driver car crashes and gun assaults cause US to lag behind other wealthy nations in reducing childhood mortality rates. How can we reduce exposure to these risks for our youth?

Use of Technology Can Expand Clinicians’ Impact on Violence Prevention in the Emergency Department

Technology in the ED can make practicing violence prevention simple, evidence-based and time efficient for clinicians.

Flashback Friday- Teen Dating Violence

For today's Flashback Friday post, I wanted to re-share a blog post on the consequences of victim blaming in cases of sexual assault by Violence Prevention Initiative Fellow Christine Forke Young, a relevant post in today's culture of #metoo.

Five Years After Sandy Hook: Why Reframing Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue is Essential

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy, when 20 children and six educators were shot and killed. Read on for perspective on how a public health approach can transform efforts to reduce gun violence involving youth.

The Ripple Effects of Gun Violence

Read these thoughtful articles on the rippling impact of gun violence in our society.

Navigating a Tricky Balance to Address Intimate Partner Violence

This guest post from Jessica DuBois Palardy, LSW describes CHOP's comprehensive approach to addressing intimate partner violence, as well as her experience presenting at the recent National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence.

Can Pre-Schoolers Show Aggression? Opportunities to Address High Expulsion Rates of Youngest Children

We are proud to share a blog authored by CHOP PolicyLab's Dr. Marsha Gerdes on the alarmingly high expulsion rates of preschoolers, and the short and potentially long-term consequences of expulsion.