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Bad Romance: How Acting on Warning Signs Can Help Stop Adolescent Dating Abuse

For teens and pre-teens, romance can be exciting and confusing; for the adults in their lives, including parents, teachers and healthcare providers, it may be difficult to discern the fine line between infatuation and abuse. Read more for tips to increase awareness of potential warning signs among parents and teens.

Activism Can Be Good for Teens—If They Receive Support and Guidance

Teenagers helping to make a difference in their communities is nothing new. But when teens take on hot-button issues, the backlash can be overwhelming and even alarming at times. The intense online criticism of students calling for gun control following the deaths of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., in February may make parents and educators think twice about encouraging teens to speak out. Yet speaking their minds can contribute to teens’ mental wellbeing and even lay the groundwork for success as an adult.

Children Bullied Over Their Weight Are at Greater Risk of Internalizing the Abuse

There can be lifelong psychological and social implications from being bullied for being heavy as a child. New research describes what this looks like for middle and high school youth.

Community’s Reluctance to Report Signs of Child Abuse is Harming Children—Here’s How We Can Do Better

While it may be difficult to understand why bystanders failed to report the signs of child abuse in such an egregious case, a number of factors contribute to a general reluctance to intervene in abuse situations of all kinds and severity. Here's how we can do better.

Practical Solutions for Preventing Youth Gun Violence

Today we feature Dr. Ruth Abaya's blog post that focuses on practical and evidence-based solutions to help curb this violence, including safe gun storage, policy solutions, and supporting gun violence research. This blog post originally appeared in CHOP PolicyLab's website.

Help Children with ADHD Defuse Their Own Aggressive and Impulsive Behavior

For children with ADHD, the potential for conflict with others is all around them, particularly at school. Learn strategies to head off situations and maintain positive environment.

New Resource Alert: Secondary Traumatic Stress Webinar Recording

View a recent webinar hosted by CHOP's Violence Prevention Initiative on identifying and addressing secondary traumatic stress for those working in healthcare settings.