Research In Action

Research In Action

ICYMI August 2022
September 1, 2022

Catch up with newsworthy pediatric injury prevention articles from August 2022 gathered by CHOP's Dr. Patty Huang.

The Impact of Broad Cellphone Laws

A recent paper by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety analyzed the impact of broader laws banning cell phone holding while driving in three different states. They found that the wording of the law, as well as the degree of penalty, may impact crash rates in those states. 

Time Estimation and Autism Spectrum Disorders

A study of young drivers found that those on the autism spectrum had more difficulty with time estimation tasks in a driving simulator when compared to those not on the spectrum. 

Video Series from CHOP's Minds Matter Concussion Team

Check out these videos to learn about the novel clinical and research initiatives from CHOP's Minds Matter Concussion program. 

Effective Therapy for Teens with Suicidal Thoughts

Teens with suicidal thoughts and behaviors are known to benefit from a type of cognitive behavioral therapy known as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, but it can be difficult to access.

Later School Start Times for Teens

Learn about the academic and safety benefits of a later school start time for adolescents in this blog post from CHOP's PolicyLab. 

Vision and Concussion

In this Pediatrics On Call podcast episode, Dr. Christina Master discusses the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement and report on vision and concussion, as well as the strategies primary care pediatricians can use to screen for vision issues in their patients with concussions.