Students that work at CIRP, whether for three months or three years, remain connected to the Center and our staff. Our students have gone on to pursue a variety of educational and professional opportunities, all with the backing of their CIRP mentors. Here are some CIRP Training Testimonials:
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CHOP Mentor(s): Meghan Marsac, PhD, Kristen Kohser, LSW
CIRP Co-Op (2011)                                            

"I recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's Digital Media Design program. During the summer of 2011, I had the wonderful opportunity to work on a 2D computer game aimed at helping children learn how to express their emotions after a traumatic event and how to help and understand others going through stressful experience…
CHOP Mentor(s): Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD, Meghan Marsac, PhD
PhD Student (2011)

"As a PhD student at the Association of Dutch Burn Centres/Utrecht University in the Netherlands, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Nancy Kassam-Adams, Dr. Meghan Marsac and their team on behavioral research projects in the fall of 2011. I helped pilot test an innovative web-based intervention for children who have recently experienced a medical trauma and helped compose a…
CHOP Mentor(s): Meghan Marsac, PhD
Research Assistant (2011-2012)                                                                                    

"My stint at CIRP as a research assistant under Dr. Meghan Marsac afforded me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of tasks and research projects. Through implementation and study of the Coping Coach tool, piloting a behavioral study, and helping to shape the Sickle Cellie Copin…
CHOP Mentor(s): Thomas Seacrist, MBE
Research Assistant (2011-2012)

"My internship with CIRP was spent as a research assistant working under the guidance of Thomas Seacrist, MBE on pediatric biomechanics research. Our area of study focused on head and spinal kinematics of pediatric volunteers. My primary responsibility was to analyze data gathered by low-speed sled tests using motion analysis software. I am now finishing my Mechanic…
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