Students that work at CIRP, whether for three months or three years, remain connected to the Center and our staff. Our students have gone on to pursue a variety of educational and professional opportunities, all with the backing of their CIRP mentors. Here are some CIRP Training Testimonials:
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CHOP Mentor(s): Jessica Mirman, PhD
Summer work-study (June 2010-August 2010)
Research assistant (August 2010-September 2011)
Research coordinator (September 2011-June 2013)

“I first started working at CIRP as a work-study student during the summer of 2010 on the NCOSS project. From there, I moved on to a research assistant position and then to my final role as a research coordinator for a year and a half. I was given the opportuni…
CHOP Mentor(s): Meghan Marsac, PhD
CIRP Co-op (2010) 

"During my time at CIRP I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Meghan Marsac, Kristen Kohser, and Dr. Nancy Kassam-Adams. I was exposed to many different projects that gave me invaluable insight into what I wish to do with my career. I was able to work on projects that gave me experience in data collection and research design, as well as one-on-one interaction with sick childre…
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