Violence Prevention Initiative

Violence is a Contagious Disease

Violence is a public health epidemic in our country and carries with it significant health and psychosocial consequences, particularly for young people. More than 40 percent of kids in the U.S. are exposed to some form of violence -- or the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against another person or group. Youth can be exposed to violence in their homes, schools and communities with serious, lifelong consequences:

  • Poor physical, emotional and developmental health
  • Long-term physiologic and brain changes
  • School failure, drug abuse and delinquency
  • More violence

The Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) is a CHOP-wide effort to interrupt the cycle of violence. VPI builds on years of hospital and community partnership and research to address bullying and assault re-injury and domestic violence. Through the practice of trauma-informed care, in which we recognize that traumatic experiences affect how people respond to our outreach and services, we hope to become a national model for hospital-led youth violence prevention.


How: Help us break the cycle of violence

Ongoing research continuously refines and improves our programmatic efforts and the content of this website to make the greatest impact. Be sure to check back for new information and updated content.

Who: Violence prevention experts from a pediatric hospital

Meet our team of multidisciplinary researchers and clinicians who are focused on understanding the causes and impact of different types of violence on youth and applying that expertise to pilot and refine evidence-based interventions to interrupt the cycle of violence.

What: A hospital-led, community-involved violence prevention model

The VPI model works to reduce the incidence and impact of violence and aggression on children and families in our community. We work to transform youth violence prevention research into action that shapes policy, engages community partners, and creates and refines methods of violence prevention and treatment interventions.

Learn about the Signature Programs of VPI and how we apply a tiered-risk public health model to reduce youth violence in Philadelphia with focused effort to prevent:

  • Bullying in schools
  • Domestic violence in the home
  • Violent assault in the community

Learn more about the variety of violence awareness/prevention projects that are also underway across CHOP and the CHOP Care Network.