Center for Injury Research and Prevention


Concussions in Female Athletes: Higher Rates and Harder Recovery

As the landscape of women’s athletics changes, Dr. Kristy Arbogast briefly sums up what scientists know about concussions in female athletes today and what we urgently still need to learn.

Flashback Friday- Managing Sports Injuries

As we continue cheering on our Olympians, this Flashback Friday post revisits some previous posts on sports-related injuries, including extreme athleticism in girls, injuries in Special Olympians, and concussions in youth soccer.

Relationships, Communication and Snacks Drive Student Concussion Study Recruitment

What does it take to recruit high school students for research? Read about strategies to recruit student athletes to participate in a multi-year study.

Save the Date: 6th Annual Minds Matter Concussion Care for Kids Conference

Join Minds Matter Concussion research team at CIRP@CHOP as they host expert faculty for a one-day conference for clinicians and school personnel involved in the acute and chronic management, return to school and return to physical activity of students with concussion.