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Research In Action

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Recent CIRP Publications - June 2022
June 28, 2022

Read abstracts of recent peer-reviewed research studies conducted by members of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention and the Center for Violence Prevention at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Child Occupant Protection

Patton D, Maheshwari J, Arbogast K. Interactions Between Rearward-Facing Child Restraint Systems and the Front Row Seatback in Frontal Impact Sled Tests.Traffic Injury Prevention, 2022.

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Poison Prevention

Agarwal A, Lee D, Ali Z, et al. Effect of Mailing an At-home Disposal Kit on Unused Opioid Disposal After Surgery: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Network Open, 2022.

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Teen Driving Safety 

Walshe E, Elliott M, Romer D, et al. Novel Use of a Virtual Driving Assessment to Classify Driving Skill at the Time of Licensure. Transportation Part F: Traffic Psychology And Behavior, 2022.

Walshe E, Romer D, Wyner A. Licensing Examination and Crash Outcomes Postlicensure in Young Drivers. JAMA Network Open, 2022.

Curry A, Sartin E, Metzger K, et al. Real-World Crash Circumstances Among Newly Licensed Adolescent Drivers With and Without ADHD. Journal of Adolescent Health, 2022.

Lombardi L, Pfeiffer M, Metzger K, et al. Improving Identification of Crash Injuries: Statewide Integration of Hospital Discharge and Crash Report Data. Traffic Injury Prevention, 2022.

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Concussion and Brain Injury

Corwin D, Root J, Zonfrillo M, et al. Concussion Referral and Practice Patterns by Pediatric Emergency Medicine Providers. Pediatric Emergency Care, 2022.

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Traffic Medicine and Transportation Equity Research

McDonald C, Mirman J. Achieving Transportation Equity: How Can We Support Young People's Autonomy and Health in a Rapidly Changing Society? Journal of Adolescent Health, 2022.

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Traumatic Stress

Enlow P, Phan TL, Lewis A., et al. Validation of the COVID-19 Exposure and Family Impact Scales. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 2022.

Enlow P, Lewis A, Scialla M, et al. Validating the Factor Structure of the Psychosocial Assessment Tool Using Internet-Based Data. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 2022.

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