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Research In Action

Teen Health Week
Teen Health Week 2022
April 8, 2022

In celebration of Teen Health Week, a Philadelphia-based initiative to raise awareness of the unique health issues facing teens, we look back at some of our notable adolescent health-centered blog posts.

Dating Violence

Assessing for Dating Violence

CHOP Intimate Partner Violence Specialist Katherine Obenschain, MSW, LSW offers tips for clinicians in screening for and discussing relationship safety with teenagers.

Webinar Recording: "Recognizing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence in the Clinical Setting"

Learn about teen dating violence and how to recognize it, help patients, and locate resources in this webinar hosted by CHOP's Center for Violence Prevention.

Teen Dating Violence and Digital Abuse During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Intimate partner violence experts discuss how the pandemic has affected teen dating violence and how healthcare providers can address dating violence and digital abuse with teens.

Other Violence Prevention Topics

Teens Share Key Information about Access to Firearms

A CHOP study explores teen gun access and co-existing behavioral health risk factors to develop action steps on curbing injuries and fatalities from firearms.

Centering Youth in a New Interdisciplinary Clinic for Victims of Sex Trafficking

Dr. Polina Krass highlights why healthcare providers are uniquely positioned to intervene in cases of youth trafficking and describes an initiative at CHOP.

Teen Athlete Health

Hidden Cost of Extreme Athleticism in Teen Girls

While athletes' often extreme fitness and diet regimens may suggest robust health, female athletes, through an imbalance of nutrition and hormones, are at both short- and long-term risk for poor bone health.

Teen Driving

Addressing Transition to Adulthood With Autistic Teens and Their Families

Dr. Rachel Myers shares research on how healthcare providers discuss transition to adulthood topics with their autistic patients and families.

Discussing Transportation Topics with Autistic Youth

A CHOP study explores how often providers discuss transportation needs with their autistic teens and suggests starting early.

Reimagining Teen Driver Safety

In this guest post, NJM Insurance Group’s Violet Marrero describes a unique partnership that is taking an innovative approach to teen driver safety.

Rethinking Cell Phone Use While Driving Prevention

Research reveals young adults who use cell phones while driving also engage in other risky driving behaviors, such as speeding and running red lights.

Behind the Wheel with Autistic Young Drivers

CHOP research highlights strategies from specialized driving instructors in helping autistic adolescents learn to drive safely.

Young Autistic Drivers Crash Less Than Their Non-Autistic Peers

Newly licensed autistic drivers have much lower rates of moving violations and license suspensions and similar to lower crash rates than other young drivers.

A Research Bridge to Connect Teen Driving Safety and Concussion in Adolescents

A CHOP study found nearly half of teens return to driving within two weeks of seeking specialty care for a concussion.