Center for Injury Research and Prevention

New Jersey Traffic Safety Outcomes (NJ-TSO) Data Warehouse

The New Jersey Traffic Safety Outcomes Data Warehouse (NJ-TSO) tool is being used by CIRP researchers to advance traffic safety research and associated epidemiologic methods through novel administrative data linkages. Led by Allison E. Curry, PhD, MPH, the research team developed a comprehensive data warehouse that includes the full licensing, citation, and crash history of every New Jersey driver between 2004 and 2014.

To provide further information about these NJ residents and drivers, we also linked zip-code level indicators from the Census and electronic health records for 150,000 pediatric patients of the CHOP Healthcare Network. We are also currently in the process of linking statewide birth certificate data, death certificate data, and hospital and emergency department discharge data.

NJ-TSO allows us to fill numerous important gaps in car crash research. Crash reports contain data only on the events occurring just prior to the crash, the crash event itself, and the immediate conditions of those involved in the crash. While helpful, this information only covers a few minutes in the lifespan of a crash. The NJ-TSO Data Warehouse provides us with the ability to increase the study period from minutes to potentially decades. With these data, we can better study the effects of car crashes and to develop evidence-based tactics to prevent them.

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