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Research In Action

CIRP Publications
Recent CIRP Publications - December 2021

Read abstracts of recent peer-reviewed research studies conducted by members of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention and the Center for Violence Prevention at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Teen Driving Safety

Sartin E, Myers R, Labows C, Metzger K, et al. Brief Report: Healthcare Providers' Discussions Regarding Transportation and Driving with Autistic and Non-Autistic Patients. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2021

Unger A, Winston F, Ruggieri D, et al. Understanding Clinician Strategies for Discussing Driving Fitness with Patients: An Initiative to Improve Provider-Patient Discussions About Safe Driving. Traffic Injury Prevention, 2021.

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Child Occupant Protection

Byrne J, Nance M, Scantling D, et al. Association Between Access to Pediatric Trauma Care and Motor Vehicle Crash Death in Children: An Ecologic Analysis of United States Counties. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 2021.

Read more about CIRP's child occupant protection research.

Crash Avoidance and Autonomous Vehicles

Seacrist T, Maheshwari J, Sarfare S, Chingas G, Thirkill M, Loeb H. In-Depth Analysis of Crash Contributing Factors and Potential ADAS Interventions Among At-risk Drivers Using the SHRP 2 Naturalistic Driving Study. Traffic Injury Prevention, 2021.

Read more about CIRP's crash avoidance and autonomous vehicles research.

Violence Prevention

Vasan D, Mitchell H, Fein J, et al. Association of Neighborhood Gun Violence With Mental Health–Related Pediatric Emergency Department Utilization. JAMA Pediatrics, 2021.

Read more about CHOP's Center for Violence Prevention research.

Concussion and Brain Injury

Zimmerman S, Vernau B, Meehan W, et al. Sports-Related Concussions and the Pediatric Patient. Clinics in Sports Medicine, 2021.

McIntosh A, Patton D, McIntosh A. Managing Head Injury Risks in Competitive Skateboarding: What Do We Know? British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2021.

Huber C, Patton D, Jain D, et al. Variations in Head Impact Rates in Male and Female High School Soccer. Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise, 2021.

Patton D, Huber C, Margulies S, et al. Comparison of Video-Identified Head Contacts and Sensor-Recorded Events in High School Soccer. Journal Of Applied Biomechanics, 2021.

Gabler L, Dau N, Park G, et al. Development of a Low-Power Instrumented Mouthpiece for Directly Measuring Head Acceleration in American Football. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2021.

Bailey A, Funk J, Crandall J, et al. Laboratory Evaluation of Shell Add-On Products for American Football Helmets for Professional Linemen. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2021.

Roby P, Metzger K, McDonald C, et al. Pre- and Post-season Visio-vestibular Function in Healthy Adolescent Athletes. The Physician and Sports Medicine, 2021.

Leddy J, Master C, Mannix R, et al. Early Targeted Heart Rate Aerobic Exercise Versus Placebo Stretching for Sport-related Concussion in Adolescents: A Randomised Controlled Trial. The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, 2021.

Corwin D, Root J, Zonfrillo M, et al. Concussion Referral and Practice Patterns by Pediatric Emergency Medicine Providers. Pediatric Emergency Care, 2021.

Read more about CHOP's Minds Matter Concussion Program research.

Pedestrian and Pedalcyclist Safety Research

Ryerson M, Long C, Fichman M, et al. Evaluating Cyclist Biometrics to Develop Urban Transportation Safety Metrics. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2021.

Read more about CHOP/Penn's pedestrian and pedalcyclist safety research

Traffic Medicine and Transportation Equity Research

Sartin E, Metzger K, Pfeiffer M, et al Facilitating Research On Racial and Ethnic Disparities and Inequities in Transportation: Application and Evaluation of the Bayesian Improved Surname Geocoding (BISG) Algorithm. Traffic Injury Prevention, 2021.

Read more about CIRP's traffic medicine and transportation equity research

Traumatic Stress

Olff M, Primasari I, Qing Y. Mental Health Responses to COVID-19 Around the World. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 2021.

Read more about CIRP's traumatic stress research.