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Teen Driver Safety

Mental Health Factors and Teen Driving Behaviors

Read about new research that examines how mental health symptoms related to ADHD, conduct disorder, and depression may affect the driving behaviors of newly licensed teens.

St. Patrick's Day Safety - Flashback Friday

Today's Flashback Friday encourages parents to remind their teens -- whether still at home or away at college -- to avoid the regret, avoid impaired driving on St. Patrick's Day and every day.

Marijuana and Teen Driving: Lessons from Drunk Driving Policies

It’s reasonable to believe that many of the lessons learned in addressing the issue of drunk driving among teens could be applied to teens driving under the influence of marijuana. The question is, what will work and what won’t?

New Resource Alert:

Access free resources to help families prepare teens to become safe skilled drivers -- based on more than a decade of research at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia -- at

Later School Start Can Help Prevent Teens Driving While Sleep-Deprived

I thought you might interested in a summary of the science that links lack of sleep with crashes involving teen drivers, and how schools are addressing it.

Measuring the Effect of the NJ Decal Provision on GDL Compliance

Read about new CIRP@CHOP research published in the Journal of Adolescent Health that examined the impact of New Jersey's Graduated Driver Licensing requirement on young driver behaviors.

It’s About Exposure: High U.S. Childhood Mortality Rates Due to Car Crashes and Firearm Assaults

New study tells us that teen driver car crashes and gun assaults cause US to lag behind other wealthy nations in reducing childhood mortality rates. How can we reduce exposure to these risks for our youth?