Research In Action

Research In Action

Most Popular Blogs 2022
December 27, 2022

As we say goodbye to 2022, we look back and share our most popular Research In Action posts from the past year:

Why Home COVID-19 Test Kits Need Thoughtful Storage

With an increase in at-home COVID-19 testing, providers and consumers need to be more aware that these products require thoughtful storage. 

Rise in Child Injury from Cannabis: Not the High We Wanted

CHOP's Poison Control Center's Dr. Kevin Osterhoudt and Lauren Longo highlight a recent increase in pediatric exposure to edible weed products.

Unmasking the Negative Impacts of License Suspensions

Dr. Emma Sartin describes CIRP research showing the impact of non-driving-related license suspensions on overall health and well-being and how it informs much-needed policy change.

Examining How and Why Teens with ADHD Crash

Drs. Kristi Metzger and Emma Sartin share findings from their published study on crash circumstances of newly licensed teens with and without ADHD.

Rear-Facing Child Restraint Systems with Support Legs in Frontal Crashes

Dr. Declan Patton describes research associating child restraint system support legs with lower head injury metrics.

Does Music Tempo Impact Driving?

In this post, I share research on the impact of music on skills that may be related to driving.

Unmasking Relational Aggression in Schools

Dr. Tracy Waasdorp describes research from CHOP and Drexel University that helps to identify students who are relationally aggressive, which includes behaviors like exclusion and spreading rumors.

Experiencing Research First-Hand

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention welcomes its 2022 Injury Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) class.

Unique Characteristics of Assault-Related Concussions

CHOP's Dr. Margaret Means describes a collaborative research effort to investigate concussion from assault in a recently published study.

Opening the Philadelphia Gun Violence Victims Memorial

MaryPat Scorzetti of Moms Demand Action reflects on the new Philadelphia Gun Violence Victims Memorial at CHOP honoring victims of gun violence in the city.