Research In Action

Research In Action

REU 2021 Students
Announcing the Injury Science REU Class of 2021
June 17, 2021

Moderator's note: Applications are open for the 2022 program. Check out our REU page for more information

Student training ranks high in priority at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as shown throughout the pandemic. CIRP’s leadership and training teams have used creativity to safely remain committed to offering valuable experiences to students.

For the past nine summers, CIRP has hosted its Injury Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program, a 10-week pediatric research internship sponsored by the National Science Foundation for diverse groups of underrepresented students. Our REU program provides students with not only mentorship and hands-on research experience in the fields of engineering, behavioral science, and epidemiology, but also networking opportunities and educational programming.

Meet the Injury Science REU Class of 2021

This year’s selected REU class is comprised of students with a variety of majors, including Cognitive Science; Health Science; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Medical Anthropology; and Psychology:

This summer, each student is paired with a mentor or research team to work on a specific research project. To help students build their professional networks and learn about different research topics, CIRP will also provide virtual educational programming through interactive workshops, seminars, and journal clubs.

In addition, the students are invited to participate in the CHOP Research Institute’s Summer Scientific Research Colloquium, which includes several virtual sessions designed for students to learn about scientific disciplines and research career paths.

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