Research In Action

Research In Action

ICYMI September 2021
October 5, 2021

Here is our monthly roundup of interesting articles about pediatric injury prevention from the past month: 

Suicide Among Sexual Minority Youth

A new study finds that sexual minority youth (LGBQ youth) not only had a higher lifetime prevalence of suicidal ideation or attempt at any point in their lives, but also were more likely to have suicidal ideation/attempts at younger ages and progressed more quickly from ideation to plan than their heterosexual peers. 

Coping with Traumatic Stress After a Natural Disaster

Experts, including CHOP's Dr. Stephen L. Soffer, offers advice on helping children manage anxiety as a result of natural disasters, such as last month's Hurricane Ida.

Suicide Rates Rising Sharply Among Black Girls

While suicide rates are highest among White, Native American, and Alaskan American boys, rates of suicide among Black girls is climbing at an alarming rate. 

How to Talk To Children About Suicide

A CHOP physician offers parents tips on how to talk to their children about suicide. 

The Impact of Instagram on Teen Mental Health

This past month Facebook released documents demonstrating the impact of Instagram on the mental health of teenagers.  

Behavioral Risk Factors For Nonmedical Opioid Use

A recent prospective study of high school students in California finds that behavioral problems, such as major depression, hypomania or mania, and other drug use problems were associated with higher odds of nonmedical prescription opioid use. 

The Importance of Primary Care Behavioral Health Screening During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, adolescents screening positive or at-risk for depression or suicide during their primary care visits increased, particularly among female adolescents.