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Webinar Recording Available: “Is That Really Bullying? How to Tell and What Schools Can Do”
November 11, 2021

I recently moderated the Center for Violence Prevention’s (CVP) webinar titled “Is That Really Bullying? How to Tell and What Schools Can Do.” This webinar provided education to teachers, school staff, and school administrators to better understand the issue of bullying, know how to recognize it, and how to help individuals involved in bullying.

Bullying is a significant issue in schools, and it is most prevalent in the classroom across elementary, middle, and high schools. In 2019, bullying affected 1 in 5 students ages 12-18. Research shows that bullying can have substantial negative impacts on children and youth. Students involved with bullying can experience emotional harm, physical injury, and academic challenges.

Many teachers and school staff find it challenging to differentiate between bullying and conflict behaviors. In addition, bullying is often not reported by students and when it is reported, not all school personnel know how to effectively respond to students who are being bullied.

Given the pervasiveness of bullying, it is critical that school personnel understand the importance of changing the script from stopping bullying to preventing bullying in their schools. It is also equally critical that teachers and school staff know how to respond to students who are experiencing bullying or conflict. CVP’s new webinar explains what bullying is and is not and provides guiding principles and actionable strategies that can be implemented at the individual, classroom, and school-wide level to support students and prevent bullying.

View the full webinar, download a PDF of the slide deck, and access relevant resources here.