Research In Action

Research In Action

Recent CIRP Publications - July 2020
July 28, 2020

In today's post, we highlight recent peer-reviewed publications from CIRP researchers since July 2019.

Violence Prevention

Leff SS, Waasdorp TEvian, Paskewich B, Bevans KB, Winston FK. The Free2B Multi-Media Bullying Prevention Experience: An Exemplar of Scientific Edutainment. Frontiers in Psychiatry. 2020;11(679).

Read more about the Center for Violence Prevention.

Concussion and Brain Injury

Master CL, Curry AE, Pfeiffer MR, et al. Characteristics of Concussion in Elementary School-Aged Children: Implications for Clinical Management.The Journal of Pediatrics. 2020.

Podolak O, Chaudhary S, Haarbauer-Krupa J, et al. Characteristics of Diagnosed Concussions in Children Aged 0 to 4 Years Presenting to a Large Pediatric Healthcare Network. Pediatric Emergency Care. 2020.

Howell DR, Mayer AR, Master CL, et al. Prognosis for Persistent Post Concussion Symptoms using a Multifaceted Objective Gait and Balance Assessment ApproachGait Posture. 2020;79:53-59.

McDonald CC, Pfeiffer MR, Robinson RL, Arbogast KB, Master CL. Telephone Triage in Pediatric Head Injury: Follow-up Patterns and Subsequent Diagnosis of Concussion. Clin Nurs Res. 2020.

Hajiaghamemar M, Kilbaugh T, Arbogast KB, Master CL, Margulies SS. Using Serum Amino Acids to Predict Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Approach to Utilize Multiple Biomarkers. Int J Mol Sci. 2020;21(5).

Read more about CHOP's concussion research.

Crash Avoidance and Autonomous Vehicles

Seacrist T, Sahani R, Chingas G, Douglas EC, Graci V, Loeb H. Efficacy of Automatic Emergency Braking Among Risky Drivers Using Counterfactual Simulations from the SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study. Safety Science. 2020.

Graci V, Douglas E, Seacrist T, et al. Age Differences in Occupant Motion during Simulated In-Vehicle Swerving Maneuvers. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020;17(6).

Holt C, Seacrist T, Douglas E, et al. The Effect of Vehicle Countermeasures and Age on Human Volunteer Kinematics During Evasive Swerving Events. Traffic Inj Prev. 2020;21(1):48-54.

Read more about CIRP@CHOP's crash avoidance and autonomous vehicles research.

Teen Driving Safety

McDonald CC, Delgado KM, Zonfrillo MR. Opportunities to Reduce Youth Distracted Driving and Adolescent Driver Motor Vehicle Crashes. Pediatrics. 2020.

Read more about CIRP@CHOP's teen driving safety research.

Child Occupant Protection

Goodman ES, McDonald CC, D. Long L, Stavrinos D, Mirman JH. Variations in Booster Seat Use by Child Characteristics. Journal of Safety Research. 2020.

Read more about CIRP@CHOP's child occupant protection research.

Healthcare Provider Issues

McDonald CC. Reopening Schools in the Time of Pandemic: Look to the School Nurses.The Journal of School Nursing. 2020.

Gaw CE, Berthet E, Curry AE, Zonfrillo MR, Arbogast KB, Corwin DJ. Pediatric Health Care Provider Perspectives on Injury Prevention Counseling in Acute and Primary Care Settings. Clinical Pediatrics. 2020.