Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Podcast: Teen Driver Safety for Primary Care Pediatricians

October 25, 2018

Katie Lockwood, MD and Flaura Koplin Winston, MD, PhD 

National Teen Driver Safety Week (October 21-October 27) is the perfect time to remind pediatricians that they play an important role in preventing teen crashes through counseling and education.

Listen in as Katie K. Lockwood, MD, a primary care pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and host of Primary Care Perspectives, a podcast series for pediatricians, discusses teen driver safety with Flaura Koplin Winston, MD, PhD, scientific director of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention. 

As Dr. Winston explains, Pennsylvania is one of only a few states that require medical certification for licensure. Thus, Pennsylvania's pediatricians have a unique opportunity to share information with families that can help prevent teen crashes, the number one cause of death for adolescents in the United States.

Besides determining if there are any medical or behavioral conditions that may prevent a teen from driving safely, pediatricians should talk about:

Dr. Winston also shares how pediatricians can help families of teens with ADHD or other developmental disabilities determine readiness to drive and locate specialized driver education resources if needed.

Listen to the podcast directly or from the Primary Care Perspectives website