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New Resource Alert: Medscape Segment on Teens with ADHD & Driving

July 10, 2017
Thomas J. Power, PhD

Thomas Power, PhD, ABPP, director of the Center for Management of ADHD at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is featured in this Medscape segment, “Giving Teens with ADHD the Keys to Safe Driving.”

In it, he shares information for families to consider when determining readiness to drive for teens with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and helpful resources to manage the learning-to-drive period and beyond.

Dr. Power and a group of his colleagues, led by Dr. Allison E. Curry, recently published a study in JAMA Pediatrics that showed adolescents with ADHD may have a heightened crash risk as compared to other newly licensed adolescents but that this risk is manageable.

View the segment.

Read a press release about the research.

Access helpful resources for families to support their teens with ADHD that want to drive.