Research In Action

Research In Action

National Poison Prevention Week
March 22, 2019

To cap off National Poison Prevention Week, we wanted to dedicate this month's Flashback Friday to previous posts that discuss poison prevention and control. We are so excited to welcome our poison control expert colleagues Dr. Kevin Osterhoudt (who last month discussed action to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning) and Dr. Jeanette Trella (who earlier this week discussed the growing issue of loperamide (Imodium®) abuse). 

Tide Pod Challenge

The Tide Pod challenge, where teenagers put laundry packets into their mouths, is the latest dangerous fad. Here's what we know about laundry packets and their dangers. 

Opioid Exposure and Young Children 

The rate of opioid related deaths has doubled since 2000. Between 2000-2009, there was a 90 percent increase in fatal poisoning among teenagers. But how is this epidemic impacting younger children? A 2017 study in Pediatrics describes the epidemiology of opioid exposure among US children. 

Dangerous Trend - Liquid Nitrogen and Food 

This past winter, a food trend at malls, kiosks, and fairs across the country carried potential health risks. Here's what to know.

Neknomination - An Example of a Dangerous Social Media Fad 

Peer pressure and cyber bullying are unfortunate, but increasingly well-studied, facets of adolescent life. But what if these two behavior-influencing tactics were combined and used to fuel an over-the-top drinking game?

Practical Policies to Prevent Injury & Manage Acute Care

In a study from CIRP@CHOP, we examined the potential impact on the healthcare system associated with increases in the number of young people with health insurance. We found a potential for more than 730,000 additional medically attended injuries annually, or a 6.1 percent increase, if all currently uninsured children and young adults become insured and if these newly insured youth access medical care in ways similar to those who already have insurance. Community resources, such as Poison Control Centers and call centers, should be expanded to avoid the need for costly clinical care.

Concerns About Safety Among Parents of Children with Disabilities 

Learn more about a 2016 study examining the safety concerns (including accidental poisonings) of parents of children with a variety of disabilities and how healthcare providers can address these concerns.