Research In Action

Research In Action

National Child Passenger Safety Week
September 25, 2020

National Child Passenger Safety Week is a time dedicated to bringing awareness to child passenger safety best practices and educational resources, including car seat check events. As this year's National Child Passenger Safety Week comes to a close, we wanted to look back at some of our recent blog posts discussing child passenger safety:

Delaying Graduation to a Booster Seat May Have Safety Benefit

Dr. Emma Sartin discusses recent CIRP research which reveals the importance of considering developmental and behavioral factors - and not only age, height, or weight - when deciding when to move a child from one child restraint to another.

New Resource Alert: Updated Rear-Facing Car Seats Video

In this blog post, we share a new video, updated based on best practice recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, that helps parents and caregivers choose and install the appropriate rear-facing car seat for their infant or toddler.

Children & Autonomous Vehicles: An International Perspective

With autonomous driving systems (ADS) becoming more prevalent on our roadways, the child safety community considers how these advancements uniquely impact children and adolescents. Dr. Kristy Arbogast shares key takeaways from an international workshop that defined priorities in research, product design, and information/communication.

Child Passenger Safety Resources