Center for Injury Research and Prevention

#InMyFeelings -- The Latest Dangerous Fad

September 5, 2018

Have you seen it? The dangerous fad of the summer has been the #InMyFeelings challenge (also known as the #KikiChallenge) where individuals sing and dance to singer Drake's "In My Feelings" song while jumping out of moving cars and dancing in busy streets. Originating from Shiggy's viral Instagram video of his dancing to the music (with over 7 million views), hundreds of thousands have sought to create their own music videos. Unfortunately, and perhaps unexpectedly, jumping out of and filming while in a moving car has led to serious injuries and even a pedestrian/vehicle crash.

In an attempt to dissuade folks against this trend, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a warning. Both domestically and internationally, where the videos have also gone viral, police and transportation centers have resorted to tactics ranging from clever signage to police tickets for taking part in the challenge (examples include in India, Dubai, and Spain).

To be clear, the issue isn't posting a homemade music video of dancing and singing, but rather doing so while alongside a moving vehicle. The message from the police is: Just don't do it.