Research In Action

Research In Action

ICYMI June 2021
July 1, 2021

Here are some noteworthy pediatric injury prevention stories from the past month:

Returning to Sports After the Pandemic

High school athletes returning to sports after the pandemic have experienced an increase in injury. 

Suicidality During the Pandemic

A new study from the CDC found an increase in suicide attempts among adolescents, and particularly in girls, during the pandemic. 

Tips To Keep Kids Safe Around Water

Learn about practical tips to prevent drowning accidents in children. 

Headlights Are Brighter (But Are They Too Bright?)

Automobile headlights are now designed to be more effective at nighttime, but are the lights too intense for oncoming drivers?

Emergency Room Boarding A Crisis Unto Itself

Children seeking mental health care during a crisis meet painful delays and obstacles at every single step of the journey, including in the emergency room (ER). ER boarding, when patients stay in the ER while awaiting discharge to further treatment, has increased dramatically during the pandemic. 

Suicidality in Young Children

Children under age 13 represent a growing high risk group when it comes to mental health concerns. The prevalence of mental health issues in young children has only gotten worse during the pandemic, but behavioral support remains incredibly difficult to access.

Up The Block: A New Resource for Gun Violence Support

A new initiative in Philadelphia provides a resource hub for people affected by gun violence and incarceration. In the future, the group hopes for a collaborative approach, one that will allow users of the hub to suggest resources as well. This provides a potential model for other communities to adopt.

Burden of Proof

A young woman's journey to seek justice for a sexual assault during her freshman year of college encounters an unexpected twist and highlights the incredible legal challenges a sexual assault victim faces.