Research In Action

Research In Action

ICYMI January 2022
February 1, 2022

Here is our roundup of interesting articles about pediatric injury prevention from the past month: 

The Crisis of Gun Violence

This New York Times article examines the multiple contributors to the continuing rise of gun-related fatalities among children in American cities. 

Fire Safety Tips for Families

CHOP's Injury Prevention Program provides tips for parents to keep their children safe in case of a fire. 

Reframing Autonomous Driving

The autonomous vehicle industry continues to move away from the term "self-driving" as the top lobbying group rebrands. 

Considering Elevator Safety

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announces steps to reduce child entrapment injuries in elevators and offers consumer safety tips.

How the Environment Impacts Injury Recovery

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing examines how injured Black men perceive the impact of their environment on their injury recovery.  

The Struggle to Find Behavioral Health Support

The vast majority of pediatric primary care practices reported difficulty accessing evidence-based behavioral health resources.

Trauma As a Trend

The term "trauma" is used nearly everywhere in our culture these days. This Vox article examines the history of the word and the implications of the expansion of its use.