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Flashback Friday: Toy Safety

December 14, 2018
Flashback Friday: Toy Safety

Last month, the Penn PIRG Education Fund released its annual toy safety survey, "Trouble in Toyland." It details certain hazards from popular toys, including exposure to lead paint and chemicals like boron, small parts that could become a choking hazard, and excessive noise. Inspired by this report, and with many of us entering our peak holiday toy shopping, today's Flashback Friday post highlights our previous toy safety blog posts:

  • What's Up with Fidget Spinners: Fidget spinners, which come in a variety of sizes and weights and with capabilities such as playing music through a Bluetooth speaker, provide hours of distraction for kids (and some adults, too). But beware that, as with many other popular fads, users should exercise some caution as well.
  • The Problem with Hoverboards: This blog post, which details some of the injury risks from hoverboards and tips to stay safe, is one of our most widely read. Earlier this year, a study published in Pediatrics characterized the injuries seen at CHOP due to hoverboards.
  • Current Trends in ATV Crash Injuries: We explore a study that reports the incidence, mortality trend, and anatomic distribution of fractures due to ATV use in children and teens.
  • Nursery Products and Injury: Caring for or working with a family of young children? This blog post discusses a study that examined the rates and pattern of nursery product-related injuries in young children.

Click here for a guide from Kids' Health on choosing safe toys.