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Research In Action

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Collaborating to Reduce Teen Driver Crashes
October 18, 2022

Safety has been a hallmark of NJM Insurance Group since our founding in 1913. We initially focused our efforts on workplace safety and improving conditions for workers’ compensation policyholders throughout New Jersey. Our commitment to safety has grown with us, and our innovative programs now help keep people safe in their homes, on the road, and in the workplace throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

In 2013, NJM expanded its safety initiatives by launching our Teen Driver Safety Programs. Led by Consumer Safety Director Violet Marrero, these programs target the root causes of crashes not only during National Teen Driver Safety Week but throughout the year. These safety initiatives support the communities we are privileged to serve by protecting teenage drivers, who have disproportionately high crash rates.

As the parent of teenage drivers myself, I understand the importance of young driver education and research. Keeping our children - - and, by extension every other driver and passenger- - safe as they gain independence on the road is of paramount importance.

Outreach Through Driver Education

NJM’s partnership with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), that kicked off last year, is a natural progression of our efforts and is measurably improving driver training and assessment. As detailed in our 2022 report released today, Improving Teen Driver Safety Through Partnerships, a collaborative approach can address the factors that contribute to teen driver crashes. Together with our regional partners, including CHOP, we administer and support evidence-based programming that empowers students, parents, and teachers with the tools they need to be safe behind the wheel:

  • Share the Keys. In partnership with the Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey and the Brain Injury Alliance of NJ (BIANJ), parents and their teen drivers attend a 60-minute, interactive program focusing on Graduated Driver Licensing, safe driving awareness, and community involvement.
  • What Do You Consider Lethal? School Classroom Program. In partnership with Impact Teen Drivers, safety professionals and former law enforcement officers present an evidence-based, award-winning program in schools, encouraging responsible decision-making on the road.
  • Just Drive PSA Contest. In partnership with BIANJ and Impact Teen Drivers, students create public service announcements (PSAs) and peer-to-peer campaigns encouraging safe driving. The teams that win the annual contest receive funding toward their school safety programs.
  • Virtual Driving Assessment (VDA). In partnership with CHOP’s Center for Injury Research and Prevention, teen drivers take the 15-minute VDA at select primary care offices. The VDA provides personalized feedback with safe driving tips, videos, and a comprehensive practice plan to help develop safe driving skills.

According to recent research by CHOP scientists, teens who learned to drive with mandatory driver education were less likely to crash in the first year than their older, exempt peers.

Our role as teen driver safety advocates is rooted in NJM’s culture of service to our policyholders and their communities. With each new partnership we form, we reinforce this commitment. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners and the network of advocates working to advance teen driver safety.

Read the report.