Vicki Bartek, BA, MS, MSW
Clinical Research Project Manager I

Vicki is the Clinical Research Project Manager for the Innovation Ecosystem at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


Vicki Bartek joined the Innovation Ecosystem as a Program Coordinator in August 2021. In this role she aids in development and implementation of programming dedicated to facilitating innovation, increasing interdisciplinary communication, and providing innovation tools and practices to teams across CHOP. In March 2023, she was promoted to Clinical Research Project Manager. 

Prior to her time at CHOP, Vicki worked as a Lab Manager for Temple’s Cognition and Learning Lab, where she managed research projects on spatial skill development, and relationship to variables including parent language usage, math achievement, and understanding of magnitude. While working at Temple, Vicki also pursued her Master in Social Work, concentrating in Macro Social Work and graduating in August 2021. Previously she’s conducted research at both The College of New Jersey and Seton Hall University, resulting in research projects focused on memory and memory errors including Source Misattribution Error and Retrieval Enhanced Suggestibility.

BA, The College of New Jersey, 2015

MS (Master of Experimental Psychology), Seton Hall University, 2017

MSW, Temple University, 2021

Clinical Research Project Manager I, Innovation Ecosystem, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Tian, J., Bartek, V., Rahman, M. Z., & Gunderson, E. A. (2021). Learning Improper Fractions with the Number Line and the Area Model. Journal of Cognition and Development, 22(2), 305-327.

Fuhs, M. W., Tavassolie, N., Wang, Y., Bartek, V., Sheeks, N. A., & Gunderson, E. A. (2021). Children’s Flexible Attention to Numerical and Spatial Magnitudes in Early Childhood. Journal of Cognition and Development, 22(1), 22-47.

Gunderson, E. A., Hamdan, N., Hildebrand, L., & Bartek, V. (2019). Number Line Unidimensionality is a Critical Feature for Promoting Fraction Magnitude Concepts. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 187, 104657.

Contact Information
Roberts Center for Pediatric Research, 2716 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146