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Valentina Graci, PhD

Valentina Graci CHOP CIRP
Research Post-Doctoral Fellow

Valentina Graci, PhD joined the Center in February 2017 as a Research Post-Doctoral Fellow under the supervision of Kristy Arbogast, PhD. Dr. Graci brings to CIRP 10 years of experience in human movement science research. She has an eclectic background that spans vision science, experimental psychology, biomechanics, and motor behavior. At CIRP, she is applying her diverse research expertise to examine kinematics, kinetics, and muscle activation in children and adults during pre-crash maneuvers.

Dr. Graci graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy). She received her PhD in Vision and Mobility at the University of Bradford in the UK where she investigated the role of peripheral visual cues in controlling postural control and locomotion. During her post-doctoral training at Saint Louis University and at University of Maryland Baltimore, she examined lower limb biomechanics that contribute to knee pain and postural perturbations in older adults and stroke survivors that are linked to an increased risk of fall and injury.

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Research Interests

Characterization of kinematics and muscle activation patterns in children and adults exposed to pre-crash events