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Patrice D. Tremoulet, PhD

Patrice Tremoulet CHOP CIRP
Human Factors Scientist

Patrice Tremoulet, PhD is a Human Factors Scientist with over two decades of experience designing intuitive human machine interfaces for complex, information-intensive systems of systems. Her research interests include developing intelligent information systems that use human data to support healthcare and/or to improve job performance by enabling more effective human-machine interaction.

Dr. Tremoulet has spearheaded a broad range of advanced human-computer interaction research at Bell Laboratories, Rutgers University, Lockheed Martin, and Drexel University. She has played important leadership roles in several Department of Defense initiatives, including serving as Principal Investigator on the DARPA Augmented Cognition program — an effort that entailed using physiological data to assess individual cognitive state in real-time.

Dr. Tremoulet received her PhD in Psychology and a certificate in Cognitive Science from Rutgers University, an MS in Operations Research from Stanford University and a BSE in Operations Research and a certificate in Engineering Management Systems from Princeton University. She currently serves as a bridge between CHOP and ECRI Institute, helping foster collaborations while providing Human Factors expertise to both organizations. At CIRP, she is exploring how robotics and automation technologies such as self-driving vehicles can safely support children and people with disabilities, as well as helping ensure that digital health technologies are relevant, useful, and usable by healthcare providers.

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Research Interests

Demonstrating how emerging and existing technologies can be employed to improve human productivity and performance; Applying human factors expertise to the design and evaluation of health technologies.