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Lifesavers Conference
Tracking Teen Driving Safety At Lifesavers Conference
April 22, 2021

My fellow teen driving safety stakeholder may have noticed that there is no teen driver safety-specific track at the Lifesavers Conference this year. Instead the teen-relevant workshops are sprinkled across other tracks. As part of my work as Communications Manager for the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, I manage content for and look forward to attending this year's virtual conference on April 26-28 to learn about the latest research and trends to promote teen driver safety.

To make the most of the conference and to help me better understand the needs of families with teen drivers and the communities that support them, I have scrolled through the tracks to identify the workshops most relevant to teen driving safety stakeholders. Hope to "see" you there!

Workshops At A Glance

  • Understanding the Science of Distracted Driving (Monday, April 26, 1-2:15 pm ET) -- Experts share how to accurately interpret research results and explore the latest science of distracted driving.
  • Younger Seat Belt Safety Education in a Socially Distanced World (Monday, April 26, 1-2:15 pm ET) --  Learn from leaders in young driver safety on best practices for educating young people on occupant protection, though in-person, hybrid, online, and social media engagement.
  • Impaired Driving: What's New & Trending? (Monday, April 26, 1-2:15 pm ET) -- Experts discuss current and developing trends in impaired driving to prepare for emerging problem areas.
  • Changing the Culture on Driving Distracted Through Positive Social Norming (Monday, April 26, 2:30 pm-3:45 pm ET): Learn how implementing Positive Community Norms can solve thorny social and cultural problems like distracted driving. 
  • El-e-va-tion! Raising the Voices of Youths for Safe & Healthy Communities (Tuesday, April 27, 12-1:30 pm ET): Hear about programs from New York and Ohio that empower youth in developing safe and healthy communities.
  • Priming Legislatures with the Knowledge for Strong Distraction Laws (Tuesday, April 27, 12-1:30 pm ET): Learn the fundamentals of working with legislators, how the political environment impacts your efforts, and how to partner with law enforcement and victim advocates. 
  • A Superhero Talks Road Safety: Innovative Ways to Reach Teens in the Pandemic (Tuesday, April 27, 1:30 -2:45 pm ET): Learn how traffic safety messages can be tailored to resonate with teens in a TikTok world.
  • We Passed a New Distracted Driving Law, Now What? (Tuesday, April 27, 1:30-2:45 pm ET): Learn how several states used earned and social media, community partnerships, and other methods to generate public awareness and acceptance of their new distracted driving law.
  • Not Just for Grown-Ups! Involving Youth in Impaired Driving Intervention (Tuesday, April 27, 3:45-4:45 pm): Experts review programs targeted at young drivers and demonstrate their effectiveness at reducing impaired driving among this vulnerable population.
  • Pandemic Lessons: How to Virtually Reach Teens & Underserved Populations (Wednesday, April 28, 12-1:30 pm ET): Hear about successful programming and communication initiatives used during the pandemic that can be employed once communities return to normal. 

Peer Exchange

I'm also looking forward to taking part in a small discussion group on "What's New in Teen Driver Safety," facilitated by CIRP's Suzanne Hill and GHSA's Pam Shadel Fischer, on Tuesday, April 27 at 3:45 pm ET. To register for this peer exchange, click here.

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