Research In Action

Research In Action

Recent CIRP Publications - June 2021

Read abstracts of recent peer-reviewed research studies conducted by members of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention and the Center for Violence Prevention at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Teen Driving Safety

Walshe E, Winston F, Romer D. Rethinking Cell Phone Use While Driving: Isolated Risk Behavior or a Pattern of Risk-Taking Associated with Impulsivity in Young Drivers? International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health, 2021.

Myers R, Carey M, Bonsu J, et al. Behind the Wheel: Specialized Driving Instructors’ Experiences and Strategies for Teaching Autistic Adolescents to Drive. American Journal Of Occupational Therapy, 2021.

Curry A, Pfeiffer M, Metzger K, et al. Development of the Integrated New Jersey Safety and Health Outcomes (NJ-SHO) Data Warehouse: Catalysing Advancements in Injury Prevention Research. Injury Prevention, 2021.

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Child Occupant Protection

Sartin E, Lombardi L, Mirman J. Systematic Review of Child Passenger Safety Laws and Their Associations with Child Restraint System Use, Injuries and Deaths. Injury Prevention, 2021.

Tremoulet P, Belwadi A, Corr B, et al. How Do Novel Seat Positions Impact Usability of Child Restraints? Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 2021.

Sartin E, Long L, McDonald C, et al. Evaluating Disparities in Child Occupant Protection Using a Proportion-eliminated Approach to Mediation. Traffic Injury Prevention, 2021.

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Crash Avoidance and Autonomous Vehicles

Loeb H, Vo-Phamhi E, Seacrist T, et al. Vehicle Automation Emergency Scenario: Using a Driving Simulator to Assess the Impact of Hand and Foot Placement on Reaction Time. SAE Technical Paper, 2021.

Jazayeri A, Martinez J, Loeb H, et al. The Impact of Driver Distraction and Secondary Tasks With and Without Other Co-Occurring Driving Behaviors On the Level of Road Traffic Crashes. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2021.

Read more about our crash avoidance and autonomous vehicles research.

Violence Prevention

Pulcini C, Goyal M, Hall M, et al. Non-fatal Firearm Injuries: Utilization and Expenditures for Children Pre- and Post-Injury. Academic Emergency Medicine, 2021.

Pulcini C, Goyal M, Hall M, et al. Mental Health Utilization and Expenditures for Children Pre-Post Firearm Injury. American Journal Of Preventive Medicine, 2021.

Leff S, Waasdorp R, Paskewich B, et al. Scaling and Disseminating Brief Bullying Prevention Programming: Strengths, Challenges, and Considerations. School Psychology Review, 2021.

King C, Brent D,  Grupp-Phelan J, et al. Prospective Development and Validation of the Computerized Adaptive Screen for Suicidal Youth. JAMA Psychiatry, 2021.

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Concussion and Brain Injury

Storey E, Corwin D, McDonald C, et al. Assessment of Saccades and Gaze Stability in the Diagnosis of Pediatric Concussion. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 2021.

Huber C, Patton D, McDonald C, et al. Sport- and Gender-Based Differences in Head Impact Exposure and Mechanism in High School Sports. Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 2021.

Podolak O, Arbogast K, Master C, et al. Pediatric Sports-Related Concussion: An Approach to Care. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 2021.

Toomey C, Whittaker J, Richmond S, et al. Adiposity as a Risk Factor for Sport Injury in Youth: A Systematic Review. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine: Official Journal of The Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine, 2021.

Patterson-Gentile C, Joshi N, Ciuffreda K, et al. Developmental Effects on Pattern Visual Evoked Potentials Characterized by Principal Component AnalysisTranslational Vision Science & Technology, 2021.

Read more about CHOP's Minds Matter Concussion Program research.

Traffic Medicine

Delgado K, Shofer F, Wetherill R, et al. Accuracy of Consumer-marketed Smartphone-paired Alcohol Breath Testing Devices: A Laboratory Validation Study. Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research, 2021.

Traumatic Stress

Kazak A, Alderfer M, Enlow P, et al. COVID-19 Exposure and Family Impact Scales: Factor Structure and Initial Psychometrics. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 2021.

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