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Research In Action

2019 CChIPS Annual Report
Read the 2019 CChIPS Annual Report

Each year, the Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies (CChIPS) releases an annual report highlighting recently completed research projects funded through the consortium. Today, CChIPS is proud to share its 2018-2019 Annual Report.

The 11 projects featured in the report represent the evolution of the Center’s research portfolio, which continues to cover core areas of focus – child passenger safety, pediatric biomechanics, and young driver safety – while also addressing current challenges and emerging issues in child injury prevention.

A project that exemplifies this approach was led by CChIPS Co-Director John H. Bolte IV, PhD, where a new anthropomorphic test device (ATD), or crash test dummy, created by CChIPS Industry Advisory Board (IAB) member NHTSA to represent a 10-year-old child was tested by the cohort of other CChIPS IAB member companies. CChIPS is uniquely positioned to lead this type of evaluation, and the feedback and finalized data will ultimately be utilized by NHTSA to improve the overall biofidelity of the ATD.

Other projects featured in the report span topics including autonomous vehicle technology and teen drivers, transitioning children from a forward-facing child restraint to a belt-positioning booster, and ensuring the safety of children in self-driving vehicles.

Click here to download the 2019 CChIPS Annual Report.