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New Resource Alert: Center for Violence Prevention Twitter Account
December 22, 2020

To highlight the Center for Violence Prevention (CVP) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) research and programs, CVP recently launched a Twitter account.

This account features the latest violence prevention research, programmatic, and advocacy efforts at CHOP. Follow CVP on Twitter to learn about our bullying, assault injury, intimate partner violence, and suicide prevention programs as well as our gun safety program. Our new feed also highlights the researchers and staff who are the core of CVP. This account showcases CVP members’ conference presentations, legislative testimonies, invited talks, webinars, achievements, and more.

The overall goal of our new social media account is to serve as a dedicated space for violence prevention content. While the majority of our posts are CHOP-focused, we also share relevant violence prevention content daily from our collaborators and partners to extend our mission of reducing the exposure to and impact of violence among children, teens, and families. We invite those who are interested in or those who support violence prevention efforts to follow our new account.

Follow CVP on Twitter – @CVPatCHOP!

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