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Research In Action

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Introducing the 2023-2024 CChIPS Portfolio
April 25, 2023

Last month, the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) of the Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies (CChIPS) convened in Philadelphia for the bi-annual CChIPS IAB Meeting. CChIPS brings together IAB members from industry, advocacy, and government agencies with researchers from CHOP and The Ohio State University (OSU) to conduct child safety research with real-world applications.

CChIPS 2023 Spring IAB Meeting
CChIPS IAB members and PIs listen to the CHOP Director's Report presented by CChIPS co-director Flaura Winston, MD, PhD

Research proposal presentations were delivered by investigators from CHOP and OSU for the upcoming 2023-2024 CChIPS funding year. We are thrilled to announce that the IAB voted to fund 9 research projects spanning topics including interactions between aircraft air bags and child restraints, optimizing child restraint design to accommodate low birth weight and premature infants, and evaluating the influence of reclined vehicle scenarios on the static posture and belt fit for children. The new portfolio also features Year 3 of a line of research investigating key eye-tracking metrics associated with cognitive control while driving.

Additional information on these projects and the entire 2023-2024 CChIPS research portfolio is available on the CChIPS website.