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Research In Action

ICYMI May 2021
ICYMI May 2021
June 1, 2021

Here are some noteworthy pediatric injury prevention stories from the past month:

Glamorizing Guns in Movies

CIRP Senior Fellow Dan Romer makes the case that the government should consider research into the influence of gun use in movies and TV on vulnerable youth.

Minimizing Crashes Through Road Redesign

A recent report suggests that a "Safe System" approach, which redesigns roads to reduce speeds and minimize crashes, should be a priority strategy for increasing road safety.  

Gun Safety in Teens

Center for Violence Prevention Scholar Dorothy Novick shares tips on keeping adolescents safe from accidental and intentional gun injuries. 

Access to Pediatric Emergency Care

A new study found that nearly all pediatric emergency physicians work in urban areas and that rural areas have very limited access to pediatric emergency care.

Opioid Prescribing Varies Widely in Children 

Opioid prescriptions following emergency room treatment for long bone fractures in children varied by factors not necessarily related to increased pain, according to a new study.

Accuracy of Personal Alcohol Breathalyzers

A new study led by CIRP Associate Fellow Kit Delgado, MD, MPH finds that personal alcohol breath testing devices that pair with smartphones vary in accuracy, with some potentially leading to a false sense of safety among users.

Pediatric Spinal Fractures and Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motor vehicle crashes where seat belts were not utilized account for two-thirds of all pediatric spinal fractures.

Vaping Cessation Using Text Messages

A study found that a text message program for vaping cessation was effective in promoting abstinence among young adult e-cigarette users.