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Research In Action

ICYMI-January 2021
ICYMI January 2021
February 2, 2021

Here are some interesting news articles in the world of child injury prevention from January 2021:

Staying Safe While Cleaning

CHOP’s Poison Center shares some tips of keeping kids safe while cleaning during the pandemic.

Vehicle Crash Fatality Rates Rose in 2020

NHTSA reports that in the first 9 months of 2020, fatality rates from vehicle crashes increased compared to 2019. Overall fatalities rose despite the fact that the vehicle miles traveled decreased.

Child Maltreatment and Mortality

A new study explores the impact of child maltreatment on mortality in young adults.

Discussing Trafficking in the Pediatric Emergency Department: Using a Survivor-Derived Framework

How should clinicians approach discussing trafficking with their patients? A new study gathered and analyzed interviews of survivors of child trafficking to inform a survivor-derived framework to guide this discussion.

Rise in Abusive Head Trauma Among Children during Pandemic

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital reports a significant rise in abusive head trauma since the pandemic in 2020.

Risk of Suicide Among Autistic Children and Adults

A new study from Denmark reported that autistic individuals aged 10 years and older had significantly higher frequencies of suicide attempts and completions when compared to non-autistic individuals.