Center for Injury Research and Prevention

ICYMI January 2020

February 4, 2020

Here is our monthly roundup of interesting articles about child injury prevention:

Association Between Poverty and Suicide

A new study in JAMA Pediatrics finds that children living in areas with a high concentration of poverty were 87 percent more likely to die by firearm suicide, compared to children living in areas with a lower concentration of poverty.

New Report on Black Youth Suicide

In response to alarming studies revealing a significant upward trend in suicide attempts and completion among black youths, the Congressional Black Caucus established the Emergency Taskforce on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health. This task force recently published a report as a resource tool to raise awareness, review existing research, identify gaps in research, policy, and practice, and review best practices for clinicians. 

Cyberbullying and Depression/PTSD Symptoms

Adolescents in an inpatient psychiatric hospital who reported being victims of cyberbullying in the months leading up to their hospitalization had significantly higher scores on PTSD, depression, anger, and dissociation scales than those who were not bullied, according to a new study.

High School Parenting Practices Impact Injury Risk Years Afterward

A study in Pediatrics found that high school seniors who binge drink were six times more likely to drive while impaired two years later, twice as likely to drive while intoxicated up to four years later, and to ride with an impaired driver and engage in extreme binge drinking in later years. However, the study also found that if teens knew in their senior year that parents disapproved of drinking, it reduced their odds of driving while impaired four years later, and riding with an impaired driver one year later. The effects of parenting practices in high school impacted their children's risk of unsafe drinking behaviors years later. 

Gun Shootings at After School Sporting Events

The New York Times reports on an underreported injury risk -- shootings at school sporting events. "Since 2013, there have been at least 108 incidents of gunfire around school sporting events in 36 states, according to a New York Times analysis."

Link Between Opioid Misuse and Risky Behaviors Among Adolescents

A new study in Pediatrics found that self-reported opioid misuse among adolescents was significantly associated with numerous other risky behaviors, including risky driving behaviors, violent behaviors, risky sexual behaviors, substance use, and suicide attempt. 

Increased Risk of Homicide Among Black Youth After Florida's Stand Your Ground Law

Florida's Stand Your Ground law was found to associated with a 44 percent increase in adolescent firearm homicide. In particular, homicides among black youth increased from 63 percent before the law to nearly 72 percent after the law.