Research In Action

Research In Action

ICYMI August 2021

Here is our monthly roundup of newsworthy articles in the world of child injury prevention. 

Rendering Trauma-Informed Care

This clinical report published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) gives guidance on how clinicians can more effectively identify and support children at risk for trauma.

Top Priorities for AAP

Firearm injury prevention and promoting trauma-informed care were among the top priorities selected by a group of AAP leaders. 

Impact of Comprehensive Handheld Cell Phone Bans on Driver Safety

States with comprehensive handheld cell phone bans while driving had lower driver fatalities than states without a ban. States with limited cell phone bans (e.g. texting-only bans, or calling/texting-only bans) did not have significantly lower driver fatalities compared to states without any ban. 

Sleep and Opioid Misuse in Teens

A new study finds association between sleep deficiency in adolescence and development of prescription opioid misuse.

Dangerous Fad Banned On TikTok

The Milk Crate challenge, the latest dangerous social media viral trend where users stack milk crates in a pyramid and try to climb them like stairs, is banned from TikTok. 

Pediatric Opioid Prescriptions

A study explored the prevalence of pediatric opioid prescriptions, including those that increase the risk of opioid-related adverse events, and determined which prescribers account for most of these prescriptions.

Youth Vaping Cessation

Attempts to quit vaping and intention to quit vaping were common among US teenaged e-cigarette users, according to a new study. Factors associated with attempts to quit or intention to quit include sex, reasons for vaping, and e-cigarette device.